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29/10/2020 By Matt Jones

We're helping 500+ Scout Groups raise money to help them through COVID19!

Today Cheif Scout, Bear Grylls launches our brand new #RaceRoundTheWorld fundraiser which aims to help our Scout Groups right here in Birkenhead but also Scout Groups around the UK raise vital funds to help us prepare better futures for even more Young People. 

Right now, it’s particularly vital that everythings done to give young people the support they need. Scouts offers them the chance to have adventures and develop skills for life outside formal educationIt teaches them to never give up – to get back up and try again, often with the support of the friends they’ve made along the way.

If you feel like you want to get involved, whether you're a Scout or not you can absolutely help us to raise vital funds to keep delivering Skills For Life to even more young people! Click here to set up your own team and to find out more!

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20th Beavers have Canada Zoom Call
25/10/2020 By Matt Jones

20th Birkenhead Beavers travel to Canada (Virtually ofcourse) 

Kelvin is well known in Birkenhead and as wel all know is very keen on International Scouting having attended several International events! Here is his story on how his Beaver Colony managed to travel to Canada and back in night using the latest technology... ok.... using Zoom!


Kelvin writes, "In 2019, at the World Jamboree, I was fortunate enough to be based in 20th Century Food. This was run by a Canadian Beaver Leader called Garth. We have kept in touch since, and I participated in a round the world Zoom call that included The Netherlands, Chile and Hawaii as well as Canada and Birkenhead. Garth then contacted me last week, asking if our Beavers might be interested in a Zoom call for JOTI. Silly question!
So, early on Saturday afternoon, seven of our Beavers logged in, together with two from Moncton, New Brunswick, and six assorted leaders. We chatted about the weather and the way that native Americans call the land Turtle Island, so we all drew turtles to be coloured in later. We sang a multicultural version on Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, in English, French (Moncton is a bilingual city) and Welsh! Some sharing of Scouting History, a quick fire treasure hunt and a chat about native wildlife, and the hour was gone all too quickly.
We are now trying to do something similar with our Cubs, although my Dutch contact isn’t sure their English will be up to it. If anyone wants to try something similar, Headquarters may be able to find a link, and I’m certainly willing to try to help."

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Virtual Challenge Weekend 2020
05/05/2020 By Paul Jones

Virtual Challenge Weekend 2020 took place over the weekend of 8th - 10th May 2020.

The virtual event replaced our annual Scouts Challenge Weekend during the lockdown due to Coronavirus.


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